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With Notary Express in your corner, the process is fast, easy and affordable. Our notary packages are customized to the requirements of your state and contain everything that you need to perform your notarial duties correctly and efficiently. You can also purchase additional layers of E&O protection and supplies along with your package.

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Notary Express is not a commissioning authority. You are appointed and commissioned by your state notary official department.

Notary Express is Committed to Safeguarding Privacy and Personal Data


Protecting your personal data is at the heart of our business.  Our system is designed to meet or exceed all regulatory and state requirements. We are dedicated to transparency every step of the way. We do not sell or distribute your information to any outside party, with the exception of your state’s Secretary of State for the purpose of processing your notary commission.  Your privacy is a fundamental human right and protecting personal data is part of our commitment to corporate responsibility.